Digital Imprints

Blogs, websites, feeds and projects that I operate:

My twitter feed

Huffington Post Contributor Profile
Political, leadership, brand & message analysis and insights

Writings & Research
Research, thesis and white papers written as part of my master’s degree work at the University of Pennsylvania

Music by Jon (me)
My digital music creations

Capital D Strategies
My boutique consulting firm where I help clients win arguments, gain success and solve complex problems

Capital D Strategies blog
Where I jot down thoughts relating to messaging, marketing, communications, organizational dynamics and innovation

Between the Columns
My blog where I analyze political dynamics and introduce new dimensions of political thought

Thought Station
My personal thought jot spot – online for all to see

Editorials at The Digital Media Zone / Blog at The Verge
My perspective and views on personal and home technology

My Photos
Most of my photos from vacations are here

Projects on pause & retired

Our Karl Rove blog (retired)
A blog where I played the role of an evil political genius giving hard-edged advice on how to win political arguments (retired)
The first meta-blog (launched in 1997), this on-line magazine was designed to be a people-published magazine with discussions driving engagement

MIDI.COM  (in re-development)
Re-thinking the purpose and design of this once industry-leading portal