Master’s Thesis, Papers and Thought Leadership

Master’s Thesis:

The Importance of Technology Design and Usability
Research, analysis and diagnosis surrounding the epidemic of poorly designed technology with a focus on usability of business systems and consumer technology.

Papers and thought leadership:

The Design Gap
Why design matters, and why it deserves greater focus.

Revolutionary Technologies
A methodology for identifying big opportunities in new technology.

Positioning the European Union to Europeans
Strategic communications is critical to EU success.

The Internet’s Impact on Generations of Women in America
A research study on how generations of women interpret and interact with the Internet.

Intellectual Property, the Internet and Globalization
How the Internet is changing the dynamics and enforcement of intellectual property.

Business Ethics in the Balance
How global web companies like Yahoo handle incongruous values & laws across cultures.

The Burgeoning US-Europe Divide
How and why the two cultures vary in both human rights and democratic values.


Memberships, Affiliations, Activities

  • Member, PhillyCHI organization (a usability & design special interest group)
  • Windows Media Center application consultant and user interface designer
  • User experience consultant for a Facebook-based recruiting application
  • Active contributor in consumer electronics, automotive, Windows Media Center communities
  • Active traveler and culture observer
  • Songwriter/producer/electronic musician
  • Blogger